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It's the dawn of the era of VoIP. Just look at the enormous quantity of programs that offer communication services.

Among the many programs that offer VoIP services, a few programs stand out because of their quality, innovation, or ability to offer various services within the same program.

This is the case of Wengo, a program that stands out from the others for our testers because of the voice quality demonstrated, as well as the simple and intuitive interface that supplies more than enough options. In addition, you can also configure many of the voice and video options from the settings menu.

Wengo offers free calls between computers, quality chat and video conference services, and even an SMS service, which gives it a great chance of making a niche for itself in the communication software world.

The program starts up automatically in English, but you can easily select the language you want from the settings panel.

With your registration you will receive 0.80 Euros for SMS and IP calls to telephones.

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